I don’t really see the point in this page. If you read my posts, you’ll learn a lot about me very quickly. Nevertheless, I don’t really want this compulsory page left blank.

In summary:

My name is Kate. I am sixteen, I’ve just finished school, and I am low-key obsessed with the internet, with music, with my dog and with lots of the other mundane and inconspicuous things in life, such as television, reading, learning new things, nature, photography… the list goes on. I am simultaneously the easiest and most difficult person to befriend, please, and talk to.

I’ve started blogging because I have reached a point in life where everything is starting to change: I’ve finished secondary school and I am college-bound in September, finally studying solely the things I want: Psychology, History and Geography (while throwing in a cheeky Extended Project of some sort…)

I love social media far too much for someone who is as shy and socially awkward as I am, and I like the newness, anonymity and freedom that blogging brings.

So read my posts, I guess… or not.